It's about doing the right thing..

Let's face it. It doesn't take long to develop a bad reputation. All too often people take the time to post a negative comment or a review but infrequently take the time to compliment someone or praise a service. Most huge companies just don't care but when you are a local family run business, your reputation is a reflection of you and not some multi-billion dollar conglomeration. That's where we are different.

Doing the right thing when no one is watching or when it's not easy is a foundational principle of Savage Hill Cattle Company. We treat our cattle with respect and we care for them in a way that many others wouldn't. It takes time and it takes dedication because at the end of the day, it's my families reputation and it's my head that has to lay on my pillow every night. Doing the right thing is important and our customers see the difference. Whether it's how we treat our animals or how we interact with our customers, it's all about doing the right thing.

Below are just a few reviews that our customers have posted over the years and at the end of the day, that's what I am proud of.


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Rosemary S

“We purchased a whole cow from Savage Hill Cattle Co. and shared with it with a friend. She had been buying a 1/2 side of beef every year from Savage Hill and raved about the beef. This was definitely one of the best investments I’ve made. I love to cook and all the cuts of meat give me the opportunity to try some new recipes – even the traditionally tough cuts are awesome – using them on the Blackstone griddle!! I will definitely be investing in this on an annual basis…it’s nice to share this my family as well they love the burgers- smash burgers – really awesome! I wasn’t sure I should put up this review- I’m afraid there will be too much competition for the prized beef and I’ll have trouble getting in the future!!”

Raquel O

“Having adopted a carnivore lifestyle for over a year, we have been happy with the health benefits, but not so happy with the cost of buying meat at the grocery store. We decided to try Savage Hill, so we bought 1/2 cow and boy have we been blown away! On the service side, the process was super simple and streamlined. Ryan and his team were always quick to respond and everything went smoothly. The price is impossible to beat even when compared to online suppliers. With 1/2 cow we filled our 15 cubic feet freezer. The cuts look beautiful and they are professionally packaged. The meats are delicious and they have a lot of flavor. It was hard to believe it tasted so good with just salt and pepper. They do a great job raising those cows! We definitely recommend Savage Hill.”

Vereen M

“Anyone who really knows about beef knows that between the grass they start grazing on as well as how they are finished means everything. When I hear someone had a bad experience from a free range grass grazing cows, it let’s me know everything I need to about that farms meat. But when I purchase Savage Hill Beef I know I’m getting consistent beef that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or quality just to turn a buck. An that I like.👍🏾

Erika D

"We ordered half a cow in October. I initially requested more information on the website and the owner replied in under fifteen minutes with answers to my questions and the order form. He was completely transparent about the process and time frame for pick up.

The per pound pricing for grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone free beef is incredible. We picked up our beef from the processor today. It took only five minutes for the meat to be loaded into the truck by their employees. It was packaged exactly to our specifications, ready to go, and looked incredible. The meat is so fresh and flavorful!

We have great peace of mind knowing this meat was grown humanely, butchered ethically, is nutrient dense and that our purchase supports local farmers. If you're in CT, please consider Savage Hill Cattle Co! Exceptional service, exceptional product, easy process, kind people. We will absolutely be purchasing again!"

Matthew S

"An overall great experience. Sometimes when I get into a new endeavor I think about all the things that can go wrong. I was happy to find that absolutely everything went perfectly. From my initial questions to the deposit and cut sheet and finally to the product pick up. It was all flawless and without any issues.

The meet is so tender and flavorful my family absolutely loves it. We will definitely be buying again."

Alyssa S

"This is our second time ordering a half-cow from Ryan and his wife Kate, and we couldn't be happier. They're very easy to work with, provide a great deal of variety, and everyone who tastes the beef says it's the best they've ever had! Plus we save a ton of money and time at the store while getting top-quality meat!"

Kirsten B

"As repeat customers we just purchased our second 1/2 cow from Ryan and Kate. The beef is fabulous, The process was incredibly simple and Ryan was very pleasant to deal with. This is our 5th cow, our second from Savage Hill, and it is by far the best one we?ve had."


"After going through struggles with past providers that didn't have my best interest in mind, it was a relief to feel taken care of by a family business in the Savage Hill Cattle Company. Relationships in business are paramount and you really feel connected when Ryan and Kate are only a phone call away. They always do their best to accommodate even when I know I may be asking for a lot. Many providers today are cutting corners when it comes to raising their cattle. A quick visit with Ryan and Kate on the farm I could see the hard work they put in doing it the right way. When they say "grass-fed" they mean "grass-fed". You can honestly taste a difference than whats available at the grocery store and you can feel it too. Since switching to Savage Hill Cattle Company I've seen increases in my good cholesterol and a decrease in the bad.

Thanks Guys!"

Nathan T

"We buy a half cow every year religiously from Ryan & his wife Kate. It is always a comforting feeling to buy directly from their small family farm knowing what we are feeding our family is wholesome and produced under their care. We usually always run out of ground beef before we run out of the other cuts but we supplement that by purchasing Savage Hill Cattle Co. beef as needed at Its Only Natural Market in Middletown until we are ready to order another half cow."

Krista W

"Three years ago my husband and I set out to "buy a cow". We knew very little about the process and the more we researched the more confused we became. Long story short, Ryan was responsive, informative, and went above and beyond. He took the time to explain the process to us, and even sat with my husband to help us figure out what cuts we might like for our fist steer. It has now been three years and we continue to email Ryan every Fall for our annual steer. If you're looking for quality, flavorful, and tender meat - look no further!"

Lynn M

"We recently tried Savage Hill beef products, namely the ground beef, rib eye steaks & porterhouse. This was by far the best tasting and most tender beef we have ever had. I believe the reason for this quality is that the cows are grass-fed. We love the fact that we don't have to worry about GMO's as the cows are not fed grain. We highly recommend Savage Hill Cattle Co. and plan on coming back for more."